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Editors and Translators for Subtitling

Software Systems Architect

Deluxe Localization SFERA is seeking a Software Systems Architect for Santa Monica, CA. Qualified candidate will architect, design, document and develop high-load distributed web applications, including database design. Responsible for SaaS platform architecture, technologies, integration processes. Implement object/component/framework design, security design, logical and physical tiers. Determine appropriate technologies to ensure functional and non-functional requirements are met. Ensure client specifications are met, provide technical assistance on file formats to match client requirements and provide standardization for formats. Use knowledge of and experience with the following technologies to perform duties: php/mysql (yii framework); flash/flex/air/action script 3 expert (swiz); interactive JS application development (js, html, css, jquery, bootstrap); C/C++ development (flash-alchemy, ANE, image magick mods, aspera sdk); Ruby scripting (Chef); and Network protocols analysis (tcp, udp, http, ftp). Use knowledge of and experience with cloud based infrastructures. Use knowledge of and experience with FLEX/AIR/Action Script 3 in application design, best-practices, back-end integration, scope out architecture and developing main components. Use knowledge of and experience with html/css to slice, implement and fix web layouts. Plan, document, build and maintain high-performance instance images for hosting platform components in the cloud using: linux, bash, nginx, apache, php-fpm, ffmpeg, ImageMagick, swftools. Use knowledge of and experience with video file formats, codecs, video encoding, and streaming technologies to perform duties. Must have a BS in CS or related field and 5 years’ experience doing duties contained in the job offered with a minimum of 3 years’ experience performing the following duties: using knowledge of and experience with media accessibility and localization including Subtitling, Closed Captioning, Audio Description, Scripting, and Dubbing to perform duties.